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Ritenour Live
Mon Oct 27 13:53:37 CDT 2014

Over the top Ebola craze - Mon Oct 27 13:25:46 CDT 2014

Ebola is not the flu.

You cannot get it by breathing the same air as someone with it or by an infected person preparing food, so students need to calm down with the Ebola craze.

NHS helps to encourage donation - Mon Oct 27 11:17:20 CDT 2014

On Oct.22 National Honor Society (NHS) hosted the blood drive in Ritenour High School’s lower lobby of the auditorium.

Prior to October 22, 82 students signed up to donate, but only 70 students were eligible to donate on the day of the event.

Homecoming under the big top - Mon Oct 27 11:12:29 CDT 2014

On Saturday, Oct. 11 Ritenour hosted the annual homecoming parade, game and dance, where students of all grade levels could attend.

Every year homecoming has a theme; the theme usually reflects the schools theme for the year.

The EdSurge Technology conference held at Ritenour High School on October 17 and 18,  showcased the most upcoming technology resources available in education. Ritenour Media Convergence and KRHS students were a proud part of the event.

Newest restaurant owner on Woodson Road, Darrin Smith, talked with KRHS host, Ryan Parker, everything Basilio’s. Listen as Darrin shares his experience growing up in the Bengoni’s kitchen and how he’s growing the business around the Overland neighborhood

Ritenour Varsity Places First in Districts - Thu Oct 16 14:51:25 CDT 2014

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 the Ritenour varsity softball team defeated Hazelwood West to win their district championship at Fox Senior High School.

This was the first time the team had won the championship in over 30 years, which caused different emotions amongst team members.

Class of 2001 Ritenour Alumni and Army Ranger Cory Remsburg has returned to Ritenour to lead the homecoming parade.

Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg has become the face of U.S Wounded Warriors.

Ritenour?s Featured Twirler Jodi Wagster - Fri Oct 10 08:43:01 CDT 2014

Jodi Wagster, Ritenour’s Feature Twirler, explained the sport and broke down why she’s the hardest working half time show at RHS to our KRHS host, Kayla Holley and Will Rivers, on the eve of Homecoming.

KRHS host Taylor Powell talks to local entrepreneur Mr. Ralph Johnson to discuss his many years of small business ownership, and the  advice he can pass on to those who are just getting their start.

Throughout the fall sport season Ritenour Live will be spotlighting each of the sports teams


Varsity Volleyball Captain- Senior Jessica Poelker 


1. How long have you played the sport

About 7 years (since 5th grade)