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Ritenour Live
Fri Sep 12 16:09:22 CDT 2014

First Responders Come to Ritenour for Lunch - Fri Sep 12 15:51:35 CDT 2014

  • Ritenour Communications Specialist Michelle Mueller pets one of the working dogs at the luncheon. (Missy Griffith )
  • Ritenour Students serve lunch to the members of the First Response Team.

A+ Scholarship Program explained in 60 sec. - Fri Sep 05 13:54:30 CDT 2014

The Missouri A+ Scholarship Program offers free college money to students who meet requirements.

A Look Inside the Media Convergence Department - Thu Sep 04 15:59:29 CDT 2014

KRHS TV News spotlights the Media Convergence Department a year following it’s grand opening.

The Ritenour School District?s 2014 annual performance report in August from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) showed that the district made significant gains and remains fully accredited under the state?s new scoring system.

Governor comes to Ritenour High School - Tue Aug 26 16:50:28 CDT 2014

With the recent national spotlight shining over Missouri due to the current protests in Ferguson, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon came to Ritenour High School to lead a discussion about how students in a nearby community are responding to the recent sequence of events.

RHS Principal Spiller challenges local Principals from area including, McCluer North, Mapelwood-Richmand Heights and University City, to take the ALS Bucket Challenge.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon sits down with KRHS - Tue Aug 26 15:10:54 CDT 2014

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon discusses current community issues of economics and racism with KRHS students Jeremy Fips and Marcus Jordan.

Black and Orange day Photo Gallery - Sat Aug 23 14:22:16 CDT 2014

On August 23 Ritenour’s students and teachers took part in this years Black and Orange day, which is an annual tradition that takes part the day after the Howdy Assembly at the High School’s track


  • Jerry Nolen, Ritenour's activity director sits on the dunking booth at Black and orange day
  • Jane Bannister talks to Jerry Nolen and other administrators before they take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge
  • Jerry Nolen, Gary Spiller, Dr.

An evening to remember - Wed May 21 13:30:35 CDT 2014

After months of planning, juniors and seniors were ready for a night of fun at the biggest dance of the school year, prom.

This formal senior and junior dance was held on Saturday May 3, 2104 at Ritenour High School, with a masquerade theme.

Good bye to familiar faces - Wed May 21 13:28:46 CDT 2014

After tackling challenges as teachers and principals, the journey of many Ritenour staff members is slowly coming to an end.

Many teachers have made an impact on Ritenour.