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Fri Apr 17 13:14:35 CDT 2015

Ten Questions with ? Track athlete Joi Gaffney - Fri Apr 17 13:00:36 CDT 2015

Throughout the spring sport season Ritenour Live will be spotlighting each of the sports teams


Varsity Soccer Captain- Junior Joi Gaffney 


1. What has been the hardest meet so far?

Ten Questions with ? Soccer Captain Ellie Preis - Tue Apr 07 13:40:37 CDT 2015

Throughout the spring sport season Ritenour Live will be spotlighting each of the sports teams


Varsity Soccer Captain- Senior Ellie Preis 


1. How long have you played soccer?

Words can hurt - Mon Mar 16 10:38:44 CDT 2015

Gay, retarded, and stupid are not synonyms.

Calling someone gay when they do something you do not like, or calling someone retarded when they do or say something that is not intelligent is making yourself look dumb.

?Grease? is the word in the Ritenour Auditorium - Thu Mar 05 14:29:39 CST 2015

KRHS TV News host, Ryan Parker, talked with “Grease” musical director, Dr. Bell, about the Ritenour High School All-School musical.

Winter Musical Photo Gallery - Tue Feb 24 13:31:24 CST 2015

  • Junior Jessica Babcock speaks as Senior Isaiah Perry and Sophomore Jenna Ostoff listens. (Missy Griffith )
  • Seniors Thomas Bufe, Nick Vahey, Alec Dishaw, Freshman J'von Hallbert and Junior Tyler Gurschke preforms "Summer Nights" (Missy Griffith )
  • Freshman Jordyn Barber listens as Senior Millie Volpitto speaks.

Chris McClellan, from McCluer High School, recalls how he organized the St. Louis wide walk out of students post-Grand Jury verdict. His story to KRHS host Will Rivers, explains one teen activist journey through the movement.

Wrestling photo gallery - Thu Feb 12 13:52:35 CST 2015

  • Ritenour wrestler gets pinned by an opponent
  • Ritenour wrestler struggles to not get pinned during a match
  • Ritenour wrestler squares up to begin a match
  • Ritenour wrestler gets thrown down onto the mat.

Andrew Wall, Make It Happen Award winner at the Midwest Technology Conference (METC), explained to KRHS host Will Rivers on the growing use of MineCraft in the classroom.

Highlights from #METC15 Conference - Wed Feb 11 13:52:17 CST 2015

METC 2015 Conference Pics Gallery

METC 2015 Conference Pics Gallery

100_5021100_5022100_5027100_5029100_5041100_5044100_5048100_5051100_5054100_5057100_5058100_5061100_5069100_5075IMG_1604 IMG_1600 IMG_1598 IMG_1595 IMG_1594 IMG_1592 IMG_1583 IMG_1581 IMG_1579 IMG_1578 IMG_1577 IMG_1575 IMG_1573 Tina Lauer Jamie Casap IMG_5381 IMG_5379 IMG_5378 IMG_5377 IMG_5376 IMG_5375 IMG_5372 IMG_5371 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1659 IMG_1658 IMG_1657 IMG_1656 IMG_1650 IMG_1648 IMG_1648 copy IMG_1646 andrew wall_1 IMG_1648 copy Jamie Casap IMG_5376 copy Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 3.50.07 AMThe Midwest Technology Conference was held at the St. Charles Convention Center on Feb 10th.

Midwest Educational Technology Conference (METC) presenters Patrick Woessner and Robyn Williams informed others about the benefits of middle school students engaging in Project Based Learning program (PBL).