201314 ESEA School Public Accountability Report

2013-14 ESEA School Public Accountability Report

2013-14 SPAR Reports- The 2013-14 Elementary and Secondary Education Act School Public Accountability Reports (ESEA SPARs) are now available. The SPAR is used to meet the ESEA’s requirement for schools and districts to provide parents with an annual school status report at the beginning of each year.

Brevard’s reports can be found at this link: http://doeweb-prd.doe.state.fl.us/eds/nclbspar/year1314/schl1314.cfm?dist_number=5 .

From this site, you can select any Brevard school from the pull-down menu.

Schools have been asked to post their SPAR reports on the front page of their school websites by December 19. They will notify parents that the reports are available on their websites in their next newsletters or school-wide communication.


The following list shows the indicators that are required for the annual public disclosure reports under ESEA provisions, as well as additional indicators providing data of interest on the status of Florida’s public schools.

 October Membership

 Kindergarten Readiness


 Federal Uniform Graduation Rate

 Five-year Graduation Rate


 High School Dropout Rate

 Student Test Results (FCAT 2.0, EOCs and FAA) Reading, Math and Science

 National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) scores at the state level


 New Teachers and Staff

 Teachers by Professional Degree Level

 Classes Taught by Teachers Teaching In-Field/Out-of-Field

 Classes Taught by Highly Qualified Teachers

 School Performance Grade

 Learning Gains for the Lowest 25% for Reading and Math

 Identified Schools for ESEA Flexibility


 Annual Measurable Objectives

If you have any questions about the SPAR reports, please contact Dr. Karen Schafer at extension 371.