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What are the benefits of joining the maritime program?

Through the Maritime Program at R.H.S. students gain pratical life skills that they can apply to any career or future opportunity. This program is inteded to introduce all students in the Rockledge High School Community to the variety of career, educational and community opportunities that the Maritime Industry presents. Students do not have to be "Maritime Focused" to get HUGE benifits from this program! Some benifits include: 


-Walk out of high school prepared to work at Port Canaveral or any port in Florida 

-Basic safety & first-aid knowledge/awareness

-Access to behind-the-scenes tours and activities within the Maritime Industry

-Understand requirements and rules for gaining employment in a Maritime-related career 

-Prepare for a entry to a Federal or State Maritime Academy

-Gain Internship, job shadowing and mentorship from our local Maritime Business partners

-Get assistance with job entry skills like resume-writing, interview skills and more!