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District Results!

Rockledge High Schools's Thespian Troupe did an outstanding job at Districts!! We brought home numerous medals!


Check out these results - Two Best of Shows, 15  overall Superiors, a state-selected playwrite as well as 5 Excellent medals-


John Dudley & David Ward received Best of Show in the entire District for their duet musical piece.


Katherine Citta & Kayla-Rae Johnson received Best of Show in the entire District for their Improvisation performance.


Nicole Hancock was one of only 5 students in the entire district to bring her play to the State Thespian Competition.


David Ward was Best of Show runner - up for his solo musical performance.


Nathaniel Knepper -Quijano - Superior in Monologue performance and Superior in Senior Scholarship performance.


John Dudley - Superior in Solo Musical Performance and Superior in Senior Scholarship performance.


Ciara Chapman & Jonathon Gonzalez - Superior for Improvisation performance


Valerie Preacher - Superior in Technical Set design.


Gabrielle Gorgone & Jonathon Gonzalez - Superior for Duet Acting performance.


Samantha Brewer, Jayla Stevenson, Denese Ventura and Nicole Parks - superior for pantomime performance.


Anthony Woest - superior for monologue performance.


Hannah Pierce and Nicole Hancock - Superior for Duet Acting performance.


Hope Goodman - Superior in solo musical performance.


Bryanna Lima & Rylee Smart - Excellent in duet musical performance.


Katherine Citta, Ciara Chapman, Kayla Rae Johnson - Excellent in Ensemble Acting performance.


Josh Hortmann & Bryan Eller - Excellent in Improvisation performance.


Madison Mahaffey - Excellent in monologue performance.


Nicole Hancock - Excellent in monologue performance.


Anthony Woest, Bryson Lima, Dylan Kuhns, Caitlin Pelleriti, Adam Otranto, Tiara Torres, Bryanna Lima, Cheryl Jamieson -Becker, Jonathon Gonzalez, Rylee Smart, Hope Goodman, Ashley Secrest, Caraline Bornamanne, and Madison Mahaffey - Excellent in Large Group Musical Performance Woest & company. 


On to State we will go in March!


Next up is our One-?Act Play performance competition. Here we Come!