RHS Media Selection Policy

RHS Media Selection Policy

Access to Resources and Services in the

School Library Media Program


The Rockledge High School Media Center provides materials and services that meet academic, technical, personal and social needs of our school community.


Our media selection policy makes available a wide range of materials to meet the varied needs of our students and specific criteria are used in considering items to be included.  Because libraries are forums for information and ideas, resources are provided for the interest and enlightenment of a wide range of student groups and ages. 


Reading levels of books in our media center are often determined by the companies that are selling books and/or quiz programs.  These levels do not necessarily reflect the appropriate chronological age, developmental age, maturity level, or family values of individual students.  As with all other aspects of a student’s education, parents are encouraged to be involved in a student’s reading selections.  


Media Center resources are available for the review of all patrons, but are specifically recommended for none. Since reading is vital to success in our world, and since we know that the best readers are those who have parents that are involved in their education, we encourage you to read and review the resources your student selects.