NEW Student Media Center Use Guidelines

NEW Student Media Center Use Guidelines



Our media center has been redesigned to be a place dedicated to reading, research, homework.  It is not a congregation area or a place to hang out.  Because of the new carpet, furniture, and design elements, the following rules must be followed in order to remain a patron of the media center.


  • Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK.  This includes food, candy, chips.  Water only allowed in sealed containers. No bottled soda, gatorade, powerade, milk, etc.  

  • NO GUM!!!  Violators will receive a detention where they will be required to scrape the gum from underneath the tables.

  • No Cell Phones and No Headphones. Students that need to use the phone to access SCHOOL RELATED MATERIAL ONLY must show their phone to the media specialist or assistant before using it.  Once you are finished accessing the material, please turn it off. Also, do not have music or videos streaming while you are accessing the material.

  • No loud conversations - respect others.

  • Respect the materials provided for you to enjoy.  Don’t steal or permanently borrow something that doesn’t belong to you. Leave the area as you found it.

  • No one is allowed into the Makerspace without a teacher.  Violators will be permanently banned from using it.

  • If you remove a book from the shelf, do not reshelve it yourself.  There are carts around the room designated for this purpose.

  • Computers are for school related research only.  They are monitored using a program that allows us to see what you are accessing, typing, etc.  If you use the computer for something other than school related research, you may be banned from the computers.  

  • Anyone found vandalizing the computers at anytime will be banned from the computer and may be required to pay for replacement equipment.

  • Media Center hours are 7:45 am - 3:45 pm.  We are open at lunch unless there is an all day meeting scheduled.

  • You can check out up to 4 books at a time for 2 weeks and you can renew once.  Overdue fines .10 a day.  

  • Printing is available at .10 a copy.

  • No exit through the door next to the circulation desk at lunch.


If you are found to be violating any of the above, you’ll get a warning first.  Second offense will result in a referral to the dean’s office.


We have several research resources available on our computers. You can access these resources through your Launchpad.


  • Gale Net - allows you to search through 1000’s of periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.).  These are all verified sources.

  • Worldbook Encyclopedia - online access to the Worldbook Encyclopedia.

  • Destiny Discover - online access to resources available in our media center. There is also an app you can download that will access these resources as well.