Learn about Floridax27s New Tests through the FSA Portal

Learn about Florida's New Tests through the FSA Portal

Have you heard? Florida has a new test. It's the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).Want to learn more? The FSA Portal has a wealth of information available for students and parents.


For example, by going to www.fsassessments.org and clicking on the Students and Parents link, you can access the FSA Training Tests. Students and parents may read through the Training Test Guide to learn how to take the computer-based tests. The Guide explains and demonstrates the online tools students may use as they take the test. Students and parents can take selected tests to get a feel for the kinds of questions and answer formats that will be on spring tests. Answer keys are available.


Under the Student and Parent Resources button, you can find very specific information about each FSA test — English Language Arts (ELA), the Writing component of the ELA, Math, and End-of-Course exams. Item specifications and test design summaries define the content and format of the test for each grade level and subject. Writing rubrics outline how writing tests will be scored.


The FSA Portal is updated regularly, so visit it often to learn more about the new FSA.