Course Selection

Course Selection

Course Selection for 2015-2016 School Year timeline:

November 3-7: Present registration overview to current Sophomores (about Junior Year)
November 10-14
: Present registration overview to current Juniors (about Senior Year)
November 12: Streamwood High School Elective Fair in SHS Cafeteria, 4th-7th hours
November 20: Canton Elective Fair
November 20-21: Present registration overview to current Freshman (about Soph Year) in PC labs. Show them how to use IC for elective selections
November 24: Tefft Elective Fair
December 3: Register current 8th graders at Canton
December 4: Register current 8th graders at Tefft
December 5, 8, 9, 10: Register current Freshman from PE classes
January 9, 12, 13, 14: Register current Sophomores from Science classes
January 15, 16, 20, 21: Register current Juniors from US History classes

Streamwood High School Elective Fair
An Elective Fair will be held in the cafeteria on Wednesday, November 19th at Streamwood during lunch hours.  This will be your chance to talk to elective teachers and students enrolled in these electives. If you want to learn more about the many interesting classes available at Streamwood, look at career options, and check out classes that may help you learn more, this is your chance.  For example:

  • If you want to be a nurse, check out the CNA booth
  • If you are considering law enforcement, get information about our Law classes
  • If you love music, see what’s new in the Music department

Counselor Meetings
In December or January (see specific dates above), you will have a SHORT meeting with your Counselor to select classes. Required classes (such as English) will already be listed on your schedule. Your responsibility will be to have chosen any electives you plan to take, and be ready to discuss any level changes BEFORE you meet with your Counselor. Registration sheets will be handed out to each class per the schedule above. Additional copies will be available in Guidance, or can be printed from the links below.  It is students' responsibility to review the course selections with their parents and come prepared.

Course Selection Files


ALL FORMS are due back to your counselor by Wednesday, January 21st at 3pm!

Program Brochures for Elective Divisions:

Helpful Hints for Course Selection


  • Graduation Requirements are not the same as College Admission Requirements, so be sure to talk to your counselor about your plans.
  • Of particular note: High School Graduation requires only two years of Social Studies and two years of Science. Most colleges expect or require three years of each. Similarly, High School Graduation requires only three years of Math, but most colleges expect or require four years. High School also does not require a foreign language, but most colleges expect or require at least two years of the same language.
  • If you do not pass a class that is a graduation requirement, you will need to make it up either in summer school, or on your senior schedule.
  • Choosing an elective just because a friend is taking it deprives you of an opportunity to take a course that may be meaningful as you select a college major or make a career choice.
  • As you register you will be asked to identify alternate class choices in case a particular class choice will not fit into your schedule.  Prioritize your elective choices so your counselor knows which classes you want most.
  • If you are requesting a level change, you will need to consult the teacher of the course in which you are presently enrolled as well as the Division Chair.
  • Counselors cannot promise early dismissal or the scheduling of lunch a certain period.

Honors, AP Courses, Higher Math Courses, and College Success
This article, "Report: High School Work Pays Off," from The Chicago Tribune on Friday, October 12, 2012 identifies three key factors that help students not just be admitted to college, but be successful in college.

  • More demanding math classes are one of the highest predictors of success. Statistics show students are 10 to 22% more likely to complete college if they have taken Math beyond Algebra 3-4. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Taking Honors and AP Courses, besides just giving you the weighted grade and the chance for college credit with AP courses increases chances of college success by 18%. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Talk to your counselor:  Students at college who saw their advisor "often" (as opposed to "never") were 53% more likely to reach graduation, and that's a habit to develop EARLY.(Chicago Tribune)