PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS awards students for being on time, wearing ID’s and showing respect with things such as Pajama Day and Popcorn Day or a Sabre ticket. Sabre tickets can be put into any of the mailboxes placed around school for a chance to win a prize. If your name is read during the announcements you win a prize. We asked students what they thought of PBIS this year and this is what they said. 


“It’s cool because if you win the drawing you can get a prize.” -Belinda Pierson


“I think it’s a good program, I’ve seen a lot of positive things increasing and it’s going to be the start of something good.”  -Fabiola Ramirez 


Student Expectation Matrix





Hold Yourself  Accountable


Show Respect






  • Use inside voices
  • Avoid conflict
  • Walk to your right
  • Keep you hands and feet and objects to yourself


  • Walk swiftly to class
  • Avoid Loitering
  • Visit locker and water fountain and restroom if needed
  • Use Passport when exiting and re-entering the classroom.


  • Walk quietly
  • Follow directives from staff members



Athletic area


  • Avoid physical and verbal conflict
  • Use equipment for its intended purposes only


  • Keep your belongings with you


  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship





  • Remain seated when appropriate
  • Arrive and exit in an orderly manner


  • Report to your designated area
  • Remain in designated area until dismissed.


  • Talk only at appropriate times
  • Follow staff directives




  • Unload from front to rear
  • Remain orderly and seated on the bus



  • Bring necessary belongings
  • Wear Id’s on bus morning and afternoon
  • Respect other people’s property


  • Wear ID’s on bus morning and afternoon
  • Respect other people’s property
  • Respect the bus driver and the rules set





  • Practice appropriate hygiene
  • Report spills and other defects to an adult


  • Keep restroom clean
  • Dispose of waste appropriately


  • Respect people’s privacy





  • Inform staff of any problems
  • Stay calm, stay in line, wait your turn


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Follow your schedule
  • Clear passing areas


  • Use respectful tone
  • Respect personal space and materials