Support Services

Support Services


Business Services

Business Services oversees purchasing, warehousing, mail distribution and risk management.


District Records
The District Records Department is responsible for managing forms such as state aid, high school transcripts, FOIA requests and more.


Family Welcome Center
The Family Welcome Center places new students with a non-English background in the appropriate instructional program.


Financial Services
The Financial Services Department oversees district budgets, audits, financials, bills, and vendor contracts.


Food & Nutrition Services
Food and Nutrition Services provides nutritious meals to promote student growth and development.


Health Services
The Health Services Department provides certified nurses to students and staff.


Human Resources

HR strives to develop and maintain a highly-functioning, diverse workforce through effective communication & strategic human resource systems. 


Information Services

Information Services (I.S.) provides and supports the technological infrastructure for the district.



Welcome to Payroll.


Project Access

Project Access provides equal access to education and programs to homeless children.


S.A.F.E. Program
S.A.F.E. provides supervised activities for children of employed parents before and after school.

School & Community Relations
The School and Community Relations Department supports the release of clear information to all stakeholders and promotes parent and community engagement.

School Safety
The Safety Department is committed to the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors within U-46 facilities.

Teacher Effectiveness Initiatives

TEI provides engaging learning opportunities and practical support through continuous professional growth.


The Transportation Department is responsible for busing 26,973 children to 57 different schools each day.