Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers

ImageThe Parents as Teachers (PAT) program is designed to help children from birth to age 3. It supports parents in their most important role — that of being their child's first and most important teacher. No one will be more important to children's development and growth than their parents.


The PAT program is designed to help parents feel more confident and gain more competence in their role. Parents receive information (based on years of research) to help stimulate growth and brain development in their children through participation in the various Parents as Teachers activities. 

Numerous independent evaluations have shown the following results for families participating in Parents As Teacher programs all across the country.


  • PAT children at age 3 are significantly more advanced in language, social development, problem solving and other cognitive abilities.
  • PAT parents are more involved in their children's schooling; parental involvement is highly related to a child's success in school.
  • The positive impact on PAT children carries into the elementary school years; PAT children score higher on kindergarten readiness tests and standardized measures of reading, math and language in the early grades.
  • PAT parents are more confident in their parenting skills and knowledge; they read more to their children, which is a key factor in preparing children for school success.




PAT provides individualized child development information through    


  • personalized home visits
  • drop-in play groups   
  • warm-line telephone service                                  


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