Read to me; listen to me “read” to you.
Point out meaningful letters in my world: J is for Jack, D is for Donut.
Point out the first letter in words and the sound it makes.
Use rhyming words with me. 
Reread books I love.




Kindergarten Readiness Benchmark:

Names 40 upper or lower-case letters



Activity Resources:


We Give Books:  Website where you can read free children's books online.


Books for Laughing TogetherNAEYC website with list of books that are great for laughing together! There are also activities for each book.


Hands On: As We GrowA blog with a long list of developmentally appropriate ideas for teaching letters to young children.


Project Enlightenment: Early Literacy Tips-Bullet point list of easy tips to try with kids



Informational Resources:


Annie Murphy PaulWhy Your Child Wants to Hear the Same Book Again and Again


She Knows School and EducationThe Love of Reading: Interactive reading tips for parents


Reading Rockets for ParentsInformation and ideas for helping young children learn to read such as


Making Reading Part of Your Preschooler's Everyday Life


Using Oral Language to Help Reading


Simple Yet Powerful Things to Do While Reading Aloud


I Would Read 10,000 HoursBlog post about how much time children need to spend reading every day in order to become masters at reading by 10 years old.