Use playdough with me.
Draw pictures with me. 
Show me how to make letters. 
Write down what I say. 
Make lists with me.




Kindergarten Readiness Benchmark:

Draws pictures and/or makes letters or letter-like shapes to convey a message



Activity Resources:


For the Love of LearningEasy and inexpensive fine motor activity for toddlers with playdough and cereal


Mummy Musings and MayhemBlog post with a long list of ideas (with pictures) for developing fine motor control in young children.


39 Ways to Play & Learn with PlaydoughBlog post with pictures!



Informational Resources:


School SparksGreat information about development of fine motor skills in young children. This is great for the developmental sequence, however, look at some of our other activities rather than using worksheets.


Invented SpellingArticle about the timelines of spelling awareness and the progression kids follow starting with no sound awareness to correct spelling


Toddler Writing MilestonesInformation about how kids develop early writing skills