Kindergarten Rally 2017 2018

Kindergarten Rally 2017 - 2018



Full-Day Kindergarten class in a circle



The Kindergarten Rally will be held between December 5th and December 8th, 2016. For more information about the date and time your school will have the Rally, please click on the following link: Kindergarten Rally Calendar




To be eligible to enter kindergarten next fall, children must be five years old on or before September 1, 2017. The Rally Day is a pre-registration event. Parents should bring their child’s birth certificate and two documents showing proof of residency within U-46 boundaries. No fees will be collected at this time.


The Proof of Custody and Residency Form indicates which documents you should bring. Click the link below to download the forms.


6 Forms for Kindergarten Rally ENGLISH


6 Forms for Kindergarten Rally SPANISH


School staff will be available to help families fill out the six forms; or, if they prefer the families can print the forms, fill them out and bring them to the Rally.


Parents can complete online pre-registration before the Rally by using the following links.  All parents must still attend the Rally at their home school to complete pre-registration and enrollment. 


  • Families with a 2017-18 Kindergarten student who is currently enrolled in U-46 Preschool: Online registration is not required at this time.  Please bring all required paperwork to the Kindergarten Rally at your home school. 
  • For Current U-46 Families with a NEW Kindergartner for next year: You will need your Infinite Campus Parent Portal username and password
  • Families who are NEW to District U-46 should visit their home school to complete registration. Please bring all required paperwork at this time.


If you have forgotten your Parent Portal username/password, or need assistance with online pre-registration, please contact the Registration Office at 847-888-5000, ext. 5715, or ext. 5016 (for Spanish); or contact your school.


Anyone with questions about identifying your home school, can call U-46 at (847) 888-5000, ext. 5003.




More than any other grade, kindergarten is all about the children. It is the first experience for children in the organized world of elementary education. While some children may have gone to preschool this is the first time they are part of a school with hundreds of children at different grade levels.


Young students enter kindergarten with a wide span of skills, experiences and needs, making it a combination of preschool and elementary education at the beginning of the year. Some children come ready to read while others are just learning the marvels of books.  Some come able to write while others are developing the coordination to maneuver a pencil.


It is important to remember that all children develop in their own time and expectations must be individualized to meet the child at their level and build a solid base for future learning experiences. Given the right opportunities, all children have the ability to succeed. However, kindergarten must allow young children time to be young children and through play and appropriate activities expand their abilities  physical, academic and social.