Transitional Bilingual Education

Transitional Bilingual Education


The Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) Program is a mandated full time program for students of the same language background when there are 20 or more students as required by law.  


The program helps students to succeed in academic subjects and learn English. The classes count toward graduation requirements.   The program is designed to allow ELL students to successfully perform at their ability level while they learn English and transition into English only classes.   Academic instruction in all required subjects areas is provided in the student’s first language while they learn English.   The instructional goal of the program is to meet academic achievement standards for grade promotion and to become proficient in English.


This program is offered to students who speak Spanish in grades K through 12 in self contained classes.   At the middle and high school levels all courses required for graduation are offered in Spanish, English as a Second Language and/or in English to meet the linguistic needs of this population.




Cenntenial Elementary - PreK

Century Oaks Elementary 
Channing Elementary 
Coleman Elementary
Creekside Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Glenbrook Elementary
Hanover Countryside Elem
Harriet Gifford Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Highland Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary
Hilltop Elementary

Horizon Elementary - PreK

Huff Elementary
Illinois Park Center for Early Learning
Independence Center for Early 

Laurel Hill Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lords Park Elementary
Lowrie Elementary
McKinley Elementary

More at 4 Center for Early Learning

Nature Ridge Elementary
Oakhill Elementary
Ontarioville Elementary
Otter Creek Elementary
Parkwood Elementary
Ridge Circle Elementary

Sheridan Elementary 
Sunnydale Elementary
Timber Trails Elementary
Washington Elementary
Abbott Middle School

Ellis Middle School
Kimball Middle School
Larsen Middle School 

Tefft Middle School
Elgin High School
Larkin High School
Streamwood High School