Transitional Program of Instruction

Transitional Program of Instruction


The Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI) is a mandated program to serve students from low incidence language backgrounds.   


The program provides support to help students succeed in academic subjects and learn English. The classes count toward graduation requirements. The self contained class allows students to focus on developing English and educational concepts appropriate for their ability at their language level throughout the school day. The methodology of English instruction focuses on language development through meaningful experiences. A complete sequence of ESL classes and options are offered at the secondary level to give students academic opportunities. The ten language groups most often represented in this program are: Polish, Lao, Philippine, Urdu, Italian, Gujarati, Korean, German and Vietnamese


Liberty Elementary


Abbott Middle School

Canton Middle School
Ellis Middle School 
Kimball Middle School
Larsen Middle School 

Tefft Middle School


Larkin High School
Elgin High School
Streamwood High School