Homebound Tutoring

Homebound Tutoring

Homebound tutoring services may be provided to:


            A U-46 Student who in the opinion of a licensed physician is medically                                                   unable to attend school for 10 consecutive days or more due to the following reasons:

                                Acute illness/Surgery

                                Terminal illness/Chronic illness (compromised immune system)

                                Acute injury

                                Mental illness (Documentation from a psychiatrist required)

                                Pregnancy (provided for 6 Weeks-POSTPARTUM)


                * Intermittent homebound tutoring services may be provided to a student who due to a condition and/or illness misses 2 or more consecutive school days multiple times a year related to a preapproved and documented condition and/or illness. 


***** If you think your child may require homebound tutoring services please contact the nurse in your child's school.