Dentalx2fSeating and Mobility Clinics

Dental/Seating and Mobility Clinics









Dental Clinics:            

Services provided by 



                                        Greater Elgin Family Care Center

                                          Elgin Area, Cook & Kane County:
                                           (847) 608-1344



                                         Miles of Smiles

                                         137F Radio City Dr.

                                          North Pekin, IL 61554





                                          Frank Karkazis, DDS

                                          Peter Contos,DDS

                                          1029 Howard St

                                           Suite 203

                                           Evanston, IL 60202






Seating and Mobility Clinic:



                 When: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

                                Where: Various Locations throughout the district.

                                 Who to contact:

Kim Davis

(847) 888-5000 x4272



Please note that cost varies depending on insurance and services provided. Please contact your insurance company with any specific cost/billing questions.