Keeping Kids Healthy

Keeping Kids Healthy
Below is information about sleep, exercise, hygiene, nutrition and drugs, alcohol and cigarette use. Click through the links included in each section to learn more about keeping your child healthy. 
Not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. In addition, lack of sleep can result in decreased concentration, which can contribute to lower grades in school. Learn more about why sleep is important to your child by connecting to the links listed below: Sweet dreams!!
How Much Sleep Do Children Need?
The percentage of children who are overweight has more than doubled and for teenagers the rates have tripled. Being overweight is a risk factor for poor self esteem and can cause diabetes to develop in children. The good news is by increasing your physical activity you will burn more calories, it can increase your concentration and help you handle stress!!
Below are links that will provide you with exercise related information for children of all ages.
Healthy Eating & Physical Activity - Helping Your Child / Spanish version
Teen Health: Why Exercise is Wise
Healthy Youth
Kids Health: Nutrition and Fitness
Good Hygiene means having respect for yourself and others by paying attention to the cleanliness of your body. Paying attention to hygiene can have a positive effect on your overall health and well being. Below are links which contain material about various types of hygiene.
Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarette Use
By staying involved in your child's life you are taking an important step toward keeping him/her healthy and drug free.
Information, resources and tips are included in the links below. The sites are beneficial to parents and students. There will be information on how to spot drug or alcohol use, tips to help parents intervene, knowledge of what your child may be exposed to and facts on how different substances affect the brain and body.
Drugs & Alcohol
Young Teens Place for Info on Alcohol
National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Partnership for a Drug-Free America - Talking to Your Kids       
Good nutrition throughout childhood is critical to a child's ability to learn. Nutrition plays an important role in learning as well as their physical development. Below are links for materials and interactive games that parents can use to teach nutrition. Parents will find tips and resources about nutrition and how much activity should be included in your day.
For all age groups:
For teens: