Employee Information

Employee Information

Email Set Up


All employees, excluding Substitutes, will be issued an email address. Your email address will be your firstnamelastname@u-46.org. You are required to contact the HelpDesk at (847) 888-5000 ext. 4295 to initiate your email address. You must be located within a School District U-46 building at the time of request. District email is provided via Google Apps for Education.


Please direct any questions regarding Email Set Up to helpdesk@u-46.org.


Time Entry via Workforce


Non-Exempt employees are responsible for logging all hours worked in every position via Workforce. Time Clocks are located at all buildings, with at least one at the main entrance. A Timekeeper is available at each building to assist with any necessary adjustments.


To use the Time Clock:

  • Enter your 5 digit ID number and select Go
  • Select the position for which time is to be recorded
  • Select the appropriate action (Clock In/Meal Out/Meal In/Clock Out)


You must be directly in front of the camera, located at the top and middle of the Time Clock, as a facial picture is taken and recorded each time you use it.


Please direct any questions regarding Workforce to payroll@u-46.org.


 Munis Self Service


Employees have the ability to view and update their information via Munis Self Service.

This includes limited personal, tax and benefit changes as well as to view and print paystubs and W-4s. Munis Self Service is available on the Internet from work or home.


To access Munis Self Service:

  • Visit the School District U-46 website at www.u-46.org.
  • From the Home page select:
    • Staff Resources
    • Human Resources, Insurance and Payroll
    • Munis Self Service
  • The first time you log into Munis Self Service:
    • User Name: 5 digit employee ID number
    • Password: Last 4 digits of your Social Security number


A message will appear stating the Password has expired. You will be required to change it once a year. The Password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain a minimum of one number, one symbol, one capital letter and one lowercase letter.


Please direct any questions regarding Munis Self Service to payroll@u-46.org.


ID Badge


All employees are issued a photo ID badge to show proof of employment and aid in School District U-46 security. It must be easily visible and worn during working hours. ID badges are issued by the Human Resources Department (for all Elementary and ESC staff) and by all Middle and High schools (for Secondary staff).


Please direct questions regarding an ID Badge to humanresources@u-46.org.


Absence Management - (formerly Aesop)


Teachers, Paraeducators, and Nurses are using Absence Management to report their absences.  They can access the system online: www.aesoponline.com or by calling 1-800-942-3767.  Once the absences are entered into Absence Management, the qualified substitutes will have access to view the available jobs online or by call the toll free number.  If you have a login question, please email aesop@u-46.org.