Social Studies Grades K6

Social Studies, Grades K-6

Revision of the K-6 Social Studies curriculum has begun, and will continue throughout the 2016-17 school year. We look forward to an updated curriculum that reflects 21st century learning expectations and is aligned to the new Illinois Social Science Standards. 


The foundation of the School District U-46 Social Studies curriculum at every grade level is a strong belief that students must be thoughtfully and systematically prepared to be effective, concerned citizens.


Elementary students will work toward achieving an understanding of geography, history, economics and government. One of the responsibilities of these social sciences is to engage children in a thorough, objective look at their own cultural roots and those of others. Another responsibility is to teach students to transfer what they have learned into their everyday lives.


Social Studies students in School District U-46 study the past, examine the present and consider the future.


Click here to read the U-46 Social Studies curriculum for grades K-6.