Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities
The Foundation takes a global approach to supporting District U-46 but focuses on five primary areas:
  • Academic EnrichmentImage
  • Professional Development
  • The Arts
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Technology Enhancement

While the District is financially stable, the annual District budget cannot provide all the enrichment activities desirable for the nearly 40,000 students across 57 schools in U-46. Foundation funding initiatives aim to reach the largest number of students for District-wide benefit such as:


  • Student enrichment programs and activities, including after-school and summer opportunities in science, writing, vocational education and the fine arts.


  • Artist-in-residence or visiting artist programs.


  • Performers, scientists and other outside speakers.


  • Special programs and activities for parents, students and community with:

    • Recognized speakers and resources

    • Opportunities for children to explore environmental, community and societal topics

    • Field trips for educational and cultural purposes

    • Seminars, workshops and other opportunities for educators regarding new technologies, knowledge and teaching strategies