Foundation Receives Grant from EFS Foundation

Foundation Receives Grant from EFS Foundation
In December, 2012, the U-46 Educational Foundation received a $10,000 grant from the EFS Foundation. This is the second year that the U-46 foundation has received support from the EFS Foundation. The funds will be used to support three projects to benefit U-46 students:
  • Fourth annual Discovery Science Fair, presented in partnership with Gail Borden Public Library;
  • Third annual City of Elgin / Hemmens Advisory Board Talentfest which features the winning acts of the five U-46 high school annual talent shows; and
  • An activity organized by the U-46 Fine Arts Department and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra to introduce children to the ESO and a concert performance.


The Talentfest is scheduled for March 19 at Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin and will feature the top acts from the high schools’ talent shows. The science fair is scheduled for Saturday April 20, this year being held at South Elgin High School to accommodate the growing number of participants and families. U-46 and ESO staff are working to identify schools and more than 300 fourth graders that will attend a “KidsKonzerts—Music in the Middle” performance at Hemmens in April.
These projects are consistent with the funding priorities of the U-46 foundation, as they involve other community partners, impact large numbers of students and their families, and support science and the arts.