Students Monitor Heart Rates Thanks to U46 Educational Foundation Grant

Students Monitor Heart Rates Thanks to U-46 Educational Foundation Grant

Elgin – U-46 elementary school students can now monitor their heart rates in physical education classes.  The U-46 Educational Foundation donated $5,000 to fund the program.  One device was purchased for each of the 40 elementary schools for the 2014-2015 school year.


“We appreciate the support of the U-46 Educational Foundation,” said Tony Sanders, Chief Executive Officer, “The organization believes in enriching our programs to benefit our students.”


The grant request was submitted to the U-46 Educational Foundation in April and the Foundation Board approved the request in June.


“Students, first through sixth grade, are now learning how to self-assess their activity level based on the heart rate monitor,” said Tracey Jakaitis, Student Wellness/ K-12 P.E. Coordinator, “Students will be able to check their pulse during activity to determine if they need to increase or decrease their activity level.”


The U-46 Educational Foundation was initiated in 2006, when a group of community leaders and district supporters came together to recruit board members, establish by-laws and seek non-profit status as a 501 (c)(3) organization.  The mission of the U-46 Educational Foundation is to acquire and dedicate resources to enhance the quality of education for U-46 students.


“We saw this program as an opportunity to enhance student learning while using technology in physical education class,” said Jaime Garcia, U-46 Educational Foundation Board President.


Donors can  target their donations to specific projects.  For more information or to contribute visit, the U-46 Educational Foundation is under the “Community” tab.