U46 Educational Foundation Receives x248100 from EFS Foundation

U-46 Educational Foundation Receives $8,100 from EFS Foundation

Elgin – The U-46 Educational Foundation received word this month it would receive $8,100 from the Elgin-based EFS Foundation. The EFS Foundation has granted $35,600 to the U-46 Educational Foundation since 2011, helping it fund a range of district activities, including the Discovery Science Fair, Talentfest, an Elgin Symphony Orchestra partnership, U-46 Planetarium programming and the purchase of heart rate monitors for elementary and middle school physical education students.

“The U-46 Educational Foundation is, again, very grateful to receive a grant from the EFS Foundation,” said Educational Foundation president Jaime Garcia. “Their continued backing allows us to support more U-46 programs, benefiting students across the district.”


The latest grant from the EFS Foundation will support the district’s PE heart monitor programming.


The U-46 Educational Foundation has an annual fundraising drive that allows it to offer financial backing for programs in the district throughout the year. Its board members meet quarterly in March, June, September and December to review proposals from teachers and district leaders. Based on the success of its fundraising drive and grants awarded from the EFS Foundation, board members decide which projects get funded.

Community members are invited to donate to the foundation by visiting district.u-46.org/foundation. Donors can give special instructions for their donations or give without restraints.


The EFS Foundation annually allocates grant money to a variety of organizations in the Elgin community and its close neighbors. The foundation was established in 1998 and has worked to strengthen community projects and programs in its service area. The U-46 Educational Foundation has been lucky to receive funding from EFS every year since 2011.

For more information about the U-46 foundation, visit district.u-46.org/foundation.