HERO High School Tardiness Prevention

HERO - High School Tardiness Prevention
High School Schedule Update


The following email was sent to high school families via email Tuesday, July 18.


Dear High School Families,


This is to inform you that the official 2017-18 student schedules will be available through Infinite Campus on or shortly after August 3, 2017, as long as all District registration requirements have been fulfilled. We have been notified that some students have access to their 2017-18 schedules through the HERO app, however these schedules are not completely accurate. 
Please remember all schedule changes needed to happen on or before June 1st.



HERO - High School Tardiness Prevention


School District U-46 wants students to experience the best possible learning experience while at school. In an effort to teach and encourage positive behavior and work skills, we are addressing tardiness in a new way this school year.


The District's five high schools implemented Hero in September 2016 to track students who arrive late for class. Our five high schools will use Hero, a cloud-based software program, to enter tardies when students arrive late to class. In the past, a tardy student was sent out of his/her class to retrieve a special tardy pass and return to class, causing the student to lose even more learning time. With the Hero program, teachers can note a student tardy right from their laptop and the student will remain in the classroom, no longer losing additional classroom and learning time. To access the Quick-Start guide for parents, click here.


Hero gives teachers the ability to assign positive points to students when students wear their ID’s or show positive behavior aligned to the school’s behavior code. By using Hero, schools can reinforce students’ positive behavior and strengthen their educational and cultural environments.

Download the Hero app to receive notifications on your student’s tardy record and positive points. Information with instructions on how to do this will be available at your child’s school and during parent-teacher conferences. Students who accumulate 15 or more tardies are not able to participate in extracurricular IHSA sports or activities in U-46 and lose parking privileges. Below are examples of actions that may be taken at high schools per student tardies.


Hero MAtrix.JPG 


To view the positive impact the Hero program has in schools, click here.


For questions, please email your school's Assistant Principal.


Bartlett High School Assistant Principal Peter Serpe, PeterSerpe@U-46.org

Elgin High School Assistant Principal Jesse Jones, JesseJones@U-46.org

Streamwood High School Assistant Principal Nathan McCoy, NathanMcCoy@U-46.org

Larkin High School Assistant Principal Antonio Rios, AntonioRios@U-46.org

South Elgin High School Dean Jeff Livengood, JeffLivengood@U-46.org