Kathy Davis Principal

Kathy Davis, Principal

Kathy Davis has spent her entire 15-year career in U-46 at Abbott Middle School, first as its assistant principal and then as its principal. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of Illinois and her master’s from Eastern Illinois University.


In her tenure at Abbott, Principal Davis has focused on school culture, contributing to a stable school environment that sees virtually no turnover among the teaching ranks.


Principal Davis has also dedicated her time and talents to districtwide initiatives. She serves on the U-46 special education committee, leads the purchase of all textbooks at the middle and high school levels, oversees the publication of middle and high school student handbooks and runs the middle school intramural program. Principal Davis is also an internal auditor for the district.


Principal Davis can be reached by phone or email at (847) 888-5160 or KathyDavis@U-46.org.