Dress Code

Dress Code


Abbott Middle School Dress For Success
Effective January 9, 2017


In addition to the School District U-46 dress code guidelines, the students are expected to abide by the following dress code. Students who violate the school dress code will be referred to the school administrator. The school administrator reserves the right to determine whether or not clothing is appropriate for the educational environment.

It is important that all students are easily identifiable at all times. Students must have an ID on. This includes on the bus and all after-school activities. Students may wear hooded sweatshirts, but hoods should not cover the student’s head while in the school. Students must remove their head coverings upon entering the building. Hats, hairnets,bandanas, sweatbands, or any type of head covering unless for religious or medical reasons may not be worn during school. Coats, jackets, gloves, or other outerwear may not be worn indoors during the school day without permission from a building administrator. Appropriate eyewear must be worn. Appropriate shoes, suitable for indoors and
outdoors, must be worn at all times. Students may not wear flips flops or slides to school.


  • Shirts that are strapless, backless, low-cut, or reveals the midriffs are not allowed to be worn at school. Students should not wear shirts that show cleavage or that are see through. Shoulder straps should be at least two fingers wide. Straps less than this width can be worn as long as they are accompanied by a blouse or shirt.


  • Pant legs should be worn at the same length. Pants must be worn at the natural waist or slightly below the waist - no undergarments should be seen.


  • Dresses, shorts, and skirts must be at an appropriate length. Fingertips should be able to touch the hem of the garment; in general, the clothing should not be shorter than mid-thigh.


  •  Wearing items of clothing or accessories that includes logos, designs, or any type of reference to alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, gang involvement, weapons, violence or any other type of inappropriate symbol or wording, will be considered a violation of the dress code policy.

Students who violate the dress code will be subject to disciplinary consequences outlined below.


1st Offense will result in parent communication and a 4:30 detention.
2nd Offense will result in parent communication and a 5:30 detention.
3rd Offense will result in parent communication and LOP for the quarter.
      (LOP - Loss of Privilege excludes you from ALL extracurricular activity at Abbott for the Quarter)
4th Offense will result in parent communication and a day in TIR.
      (TIR - One full day in Intervention Room)