Girls on the Run at Lincoln

Girls on the Run at Lincoln


What is it?

  • Professionally designed, award-winning program created exclusively for pre-teen girls
  • Running workoouts and games that teach specific life skills such as how to make healthy decisions, resolve conflict and get along in a group
  • After-school program that meets for 10 weeks, twice a week for one hour
  • Challenging, encouraging and fun


Who is it for?

  • Girls who want to have fun and play some new thinking and running games
  • Girls of all athletic ability
  • All girls in grades 3-5



  • Women who exercised as girls have more confidence and self-esteem than those who are sedentary as kids
  • Exercise can enhance physical and mental health
  • Girls who spend time with healthy peers live healthier lives


The goal is for each participant to:

  • Complete a 3.1 mile running event
  • Have a stronger sense of identity
  • Understand the value of getting along within a group
  • Have an improved body image
  • Stand up for herself in a healthy manner
  • Have a stronger sense of her connection to her community



Educating and preparing girls for a lifetime of self-respect and health living.