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PBIS Assembly



Lincoln Eagles soar to success by being safe, respectful, and responsible!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support   





Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible

All Common Areas




· Walk facing forward
· Keep hands, feet & objects to self
· Get adult help for accidents & spills
· Use all equipment & materials appropriately
· Wear appropriate shoes

· Use kind words & actions
· Wait for your turn
· Clean up after self
· Follow adults directions
· Be silent when adults talk
· Use quiet voices


· Follow school rules
· Remind others to follow school rules
· Take proper care of all personal belongings & school equipment
· Be honest
· Follow game rules



Cafeteria · Stand quietly in line and in a single file
· Keep your hands, feet, and objects to self
· Keep all food to self
· Sit facing forward
· Stay seated until supervisor gives permission to get up
· Sanitize hands before entering lunchroom

· Allow anyone to sit next to you
· Be silent and listen when adult talks
· Use quiet voices
· Use appropriate school language
· Use table manners




· Line up in A-Z order when entering the lunchroom
· Raise hand for garbage to be removed
· Raise hand & wait to be excused
· Get all utensils, milk, & condiments first time through the line





· Walk to & from the playground (grassy area or blacktop)
· Wait for adult in charge to enter the playground
· Stay within boundaries
· Food, candy, gum and toys stay inside
· Be aware of activities  and games around you
· Acceptable play only
· What is on the ground stays on the ground

· When the whistle blows- stop, look, listen, and line up
· Play fairly- take turns, play by the rules Include everyone








· Use bathrooms before going out to recess
· Gather equipment needed for recess before going out
· All equipment is returned to appropriate place  
· Have permission to leave the area






Passing Areas

(Halls, Sidewalks)

· Stay to the right
· Allow others to pass



· Hold the door open for the person behind you
· Be quiet in hallways


· Stay on sidewalks




Bathrooms · Keep water in the sink
· Use soap & water for washing hands
· Put towels in garbage can

· Knock on stall door before entering
· Give people privacy
· Use quiet voices


· Flush toilet after use
· Return to room promptly
· Use a bathroom pass for using the area



· Wait for arrival & dismissal signal





· Use audience manners- look, listen and respect presenter
· Sit on bottom



· Follow school rules
· Remind others to follow school rules
· Take proper care of all personal belongings & school equipment
· Be honest
Restricted Areas · Check in office before entering · Knock before entering
· Use quiet voices

· Use hall pass for using the area


Classrooms · Defined by the classroom · Defined by the classroom

· Defined by the classroom





· Use sidewalks and crosswalks
· Wait in designated areas

Students riding the bus:

· Walk to and from bus

· Stay seated and face forward on bus

· Talk only with those seated next to you

· Keep all hands, feet, and objects out of aisle


Students walking:

· Cross only where crossing guard is located

· Walk bicycles off school grounds


· Follow adult directions
· Hands, feet and objects to yourself



















· Arrive on time (be at school by 7:50 AM, and be in the classroom at 8:00 AM)
· Be on time at the bus stop
· Line up when teacher arrives
· Leave on time
· Get teacher permission to leave the classroom
· Pick up your relative before going to bus
· Go directly to your bus