Phone Number & Information Needed to Report a Bullying Issue

S.D. Spady Elementary staff and students work diligently to prevent bullying.
Montessori Peace Education combines with School-wide Positive Behavior Support to focus on respectful communication and conflict resolution. We teach students the difference between reporting (being helpful) and tattling (being hurtful) as well as the difference between playful joking (everyone is having fun) and bullying behavior ( one or more "victims" feel unsafe and need help). We also encourage students to help extinguish bullying behaviors by standing up for the victim.
With all of the efforts we make, no system is perfect. We can only address a problem when we are aware of it.
If you or your child have been a victim of
or have witnessed a bullying situation,
please call our Anonymous Bullying Reporting Line as soon as possible.  
The number is (561) 454-7809. 

We ask that the person making the report leave a message with as many details as he/she can provide about the incident(s), specifically including: 
·  First & Last names (if possible) of all of the people involved,
    including both the aggressor(s) and the victim(s)
·  Their grade levels and/or teachers' names or classroom #/location
·  The time/place of incident(s)
·  Anything else that may be important to report

Reports can also be dropped in the Anonymous Bully Reporting Boxes in the main office, SACC Office and Media Center. Phone messages & boxes are checked at least once each week.  ALL reports will be retrieved by administration, investigated promptly and addressed as deemed necessary after the investigation. 

Martha K. O'Hare
S.D. Spady Elementary 
Montessori Magnet School