Religious education is provided on a daily basis at Saint Paul School and includes:
  • Religious Instruction in accordance with the USCCB curriculum guidelines
  • Prayers at the beginning and end of each day, at snack and at lunch times
  • Integrated value formation throughout the curriculum
  • Second grade Catholic students may receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the first semester and Eucharist in the spring
  • Eighth grade students may prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.



Saint Paul Confirmation program service requirements are fulfilled through participation in service projects. A true spirit of service is not just about accumulating or completing a certain number of projects, but instead is about the desire to help others. Youth should never be paid for service or do it for or expecting to receive an award or recognition. The hope is that through participation in service projects youth will grow to incorporate service to others as an important part of their Catholic faith.


A service project is a project that meets a demonstrated need in our community and benefits Saint Paul parish community. A service project involves a time commitment and significant investment of oneself to benefit others in our parish and community.


The service project educates the youth and stresses and incorporates the Catholic Social Teachings and the Works of Mercy.


Service projects must be completed and all service project reports turned in to the SPY (Saint Paul Youth) office before Confirmation. If there are extenuating circumstances that merit an extension, contact the SPS middle school religion teacher for approval on the needed extension.


After completing a service project, please fill out the Service Project Report form and turn it in to your SPS religion teacher or to the Youth Office at 711 James Drive.


At all Saint Paul Youth Ministry sponsored projects, youth will need to fill out the report form after completion of the event and turn in the form at that time to the SPY representative. You may contact Kimberly Garza for additional information at




1. Sixth grade or 1st year of Confirmation preparation: complete at least one service project. 

2. Seventh grade or 2nd year of Confirmation preparation: complete at least two service projects plus  

one additional service project with sponsor. 

3. Eighth grade or 3rd year of Confirmation preparation: complete at least one service project and attend  

the scheduled Confirmation Retreat, Mass Practice, and Mass.