Our Mission Values and Vision

Our Mission, Values and Vision


The mission of Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School is to proclaim the Gospel message within a caring community that fosters academic excellence, personal integrity, leadership, and a life of Christian service.



The philosophy of Saint Paul the Apostle School states that the school shares the responsibility with the parents for the religious, intellectual, moral, physical, aesthetic, and social formation of children.

It is the fundamental goal of Saint Paul the Apostle School to assist the families in developing values, so that the children may apply Catholic principles to all facets of their lives.



The vision of Saint Paul the Apostle School is to offer students an excellent Catholic education to prepare them to compete in the technological culture of the 21st century as witnesses to the message of Jesus Christ.



The primary goal of SPS is to instill into each student Christian values, which reflect the knowledge, attitudes, and interests necessary to prepare him or her to carry out future responsibilities as a global citizen committed to peace, brotherhood, love, service, stewardship, and respect for others.



  • Each student will know the person and message of Christ and develop a spirit of prayer and worship.
  • Each student will develop an understanding of Christ's church, its community and world dimensions.
  • Each student will respect the rights of others and have ethical standards of conduct and basic integrity.
  • Each student will benefit from educational opportunities and experiences related to heritage, American citizenship, and civic responsibility.
  • Each student will develop the ability to think constructively, to solve problems, to reason independently, and to accept responsibility for self.