Packer Lab

Packer Lab
Enrichment, Remediation, and Special Services

Packer Pride Leadership Program

Saint Paul School offers the Packer Pride Leadership Program, an enrichment program specifically designed for proven, motivated learners in grades 1 through 5.


Participating students will have more classroom homework as they will miss 30-45 minutes of class time to attend. Additionally, there may be some extended homework in a specific subject area.


Participation is by invitation only and is voluntary on the part of the student. Students choosing to attend enrichment are expected to exhibit leadership qualities – including, (with their parent’s help) arriving to enrichment lab on time. Students arriving late for enrichment lab will not be allowed to participate on that day. Habitual tardiness will result in dismissal from the enrichment program.


Enrichment classes will begin soon after we receive the Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores, usually just after Thanksgiving break.



These criteria are re-evaluated each year 1st through 5th grade.

  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills achievement test results of 92% or above in Reading, English, or Math, and at least one other major subject area including: Total Reading, Total Math, Total Language, Science, Social Studies.
  • No report card grade below a B; No conduct grades below a 90% and no more than
    three demerits in the current academic year.
  • Positive teacher recommendation stating that student is a motivated learner, does not have trouble completing his/her assignments and homework, and does not have difficulty with behavior.



Saint Paul School provides some remediation services through Packer Lab. Students with standardized test results falling below the 50% mark in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, English, and Math will be referred to the Packer Lab for individualized work in small groups.


Students will review the standard curriculum, as well as participate in diversified instructional activities to help them achieve mastery in areas of deficiency. Parents are encouraged to carefully review homework, help the child with difficult material and, if necessary, seek outside tutoring assistance to further improve skills. Open communication between the teacher and parents helps ensure the child’s needs are met.


Saint Paul School also works with Richardson ISD and other local school districts to provide Title I Services for those students who qualify.


Learning Differences

Packer Lab provides additional instruction in Math and Language Arts to those students in grades 3 through 8 who have been diagnosed with a mild learning difference and need a little extra guidance in order to achieve success. Students need to have current testing results and a current diagnosis on file to qualify for Packer Lab services. Students in K through 2nd grade may utilize Packer Lab services with a referral from a teacher while initial testing is completed.


Math and Language Labs work to reinforce instruction based on the curriculum at each grade level. Math Lab strengthens comprehension of new concepts and terminology, concentrating on basic skill building, properties of operations, problem-solving and basic number facts. Language Lab reinforces language and grammar based concepts taught in the classroom, as well as giving students additional practice in phonemic awareness, reading, test taking skills, writing, organization, and reading comprehension. Our academic language therapist utilizes the Scottish Rite Take Flight Program to assist students who have a Dyslexia diagnosis. Most importantly, we individualize our instruction and stress areas of need for each student.