Fr Florix27s Farewell

Fr Flori's Farewell

If you buy any gift cards from retail (grocery store, etc.) store there is an activation fee. On Visa Cards there is a non-activity fee when not used in  a specific time period.


Saint Paul School’s Gift Cards, including Visa, have NO Activation Fee and no non-activity fee. So you can purchase Visa Cards through the School with no problem!


Ministry Leaders. Father Flori's event is coming up June 11. If you or your members are wondering about a gift for him, we understand that Visa and AMEX gift cards would help him most as he aims to buy furniture and household items for his new place at St. Joseph's in Coppell. (And these gift cards do not have extra fees like many others do)

Because our Saint Paul School can benefit when you buy your gift cards through their scrip program (and you won't pay anything extra), we want to invite you and your members to look at the attached information about the Saint Paul School Scrip program and the different ways to access scrip cards (including online and through an app). This will be a way for Father David and Saint Paul School and all of us to 'win'!


Please order any gift cards needed for Father Flori by noon on May 31st so that we have time to get all the cards needed. The following denominations are available:

  • Visa - $50, $100, $250
  • American Express - $25, $100, $200

Checks should be made payable to Saint Paul School.

Please let Principal Darbie Safford know if you have additional questions or need other information.


Saint Paul the Apostle School

720 S. Floyd Road, Richardson, TX 75080, 972-235-3263

And remember, you can get these gift cards any time and benefit the school.

If you have other questions about the event for Father, please reach out to Pete Ineich, Virginia Cardenas or Mary Lynn Novelli.


Thank you!