Gap Drive

Gap Drive
Picture representing Gap Drive

The Annual Gap Drive, held every year, bridges the difference between what is charged for tuition and actual costs incurred to educate each child and run the school, a difference of $1,651 per student for the 2017-2018 school year. Its purpose is to meet expansion needs and to provide enhancements to our school's educational programs which are not covered by tuition. Our goal is for the Annual Gap Drive to reach 100% participation of all school and parish families. Annual giving supports quality programs provided to the children of the school.


Benefits of Participation The children attending Saint Paul benefit from your participation in several ways. The drive this year helps us to continue to provide exceptional academics, retain experienced and devoted teachers, and maintain affordable tuition rates. Gap Drive funds support the operations budget, and bridge the gap between what it costs to run the school and what is charged in tuition.


Thank you for your support of Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School.


Tax Benefits Donations to the Annual Gap Drive are 100% tax deductible as charitable contributions.