Sea Parkrsquos Morning Fitness Stars

Sea Park’s Morning Fitness Stars
Picture representing Sea Park’s  Morning Fitness Stars

Sea Park Morning Fitness Stars is a before-school club aimed at promoting health and wellness while helping students develop healthy exercise habits.  Exercise has many benefits, including physical fitness, confidence and stronger self-esteem, more energy, better memory, and stronger bones, muscles and immune system.  This club allows students to walk, run, skip, jump or jog as they make their way around our “track” and get their circulation pumping to start their busy school day.  The number of laps completed by each student will be recorded throughout the year, with rewards given at set “mile”stones.  The club meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30 am to 7:50 am in the east field.  Students in kindergarten through sixth grade are encouraged to participate.  Kindergarteners and 1st graders will need to have a parent or responsible older sibling remain on the field during the club time so that they can be escorted to their class afterwards.  Students in 2nd – 6th grade need to be able to follow instructions or will otherwise need direct parental supervision to participate.   We welcome parental involvement on any level – to exercise with their children to show them that exercise is valuable, to volunteer to record laps, or just to cheer for students from the sidelines. 

As this is an outdoor activity, please be aware that the club will be not be held on rainy mornings or if the field is too wet from previous rains.

Come run with us. It’s fun. It’s good for your body, and it’s good for your brain. You don’t have to go a certain distance. Just walk and run as many laps as you can. Prizes will be awarded based on the miles you do.

If you would like to help or have questions, please email