Student Information About Social Work at South Elgin HS

Student Information About Social Work at South Elgin H.S.

South Elgin High School

Social Workers


The social workers at South Elgin High School are Mrs. Sharon Bretz and Miss Samantha McGann. We are committed to helping you grow and experience positive personal changes throughout your time here at SEHS. While you and most of your friends will enjoy a smooth and positive high school experience, some of you may encounter social/emotional challenges along the way. If you or your friend are in a situation which disrupts your ability to be focused and productive at school we are available to help!


Mrs. Bretz and Miss McGann are assigned to SEHS full-time. All SEHS students in all grades are assigned alphabetically to a social worker as follows:


Student's        Social    Phone          Guidance         Email         
Last Name:     Worker: Extension:            Office #:            Address:


A-Le           Mrs. Bretz  Ext. 3703     D 116

Lf-Z            Ms. McGann Ext 3385    D 118



Various Social Work Services

In order to familiarize you with the challenges we are able to address, we have provided a list of the most common issues that we encounter.


  • Personal: Extreme feelings of worry, stress, anger, frustration, sadness, depression, confusion (All confidential)
  • Social: Conflict with a teacher, friend, student.  Serious concern for a friend, a break up, a place to work things out with another student (All confidential)
  • Family: Serious conflict or concern for a relative, family crisis (illness, incarceration, death), kicked out of home, desire to run away, domestic violence between parents, divorce/separation of parents (All confidential)
  • Safety Concerns: (NOT Confidential)
    Knowledge of an unsafe situation at school
    Someone is hurting or going to hurt you
    Someone wanting to hurt his/herself
    Someone wanting to hurt someone else


Our number one goal is to make sure every student is safe and that they are able to return to class, pay attention and be ready to learn.  Most of our contacts with students are on an individual basis, however we will meet with small groups of students on a time-limited basis over issues students may have in common.


If you have any questions or concerns that you or a friend think can be addressed by one of us please come in to the Guidance Office and ask Mrs. Panagiotopoulos to contact us. You may also be interested in the following helpful websites if you would like information about a particular and