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Directory - Admin, Office, and Staff (Updated 8/18/2017)
Contact Information for Adminstrators, Office, and Staff Members
Name Office Phone Ext. E-mail
Applegate, Alex Bookkeeper 2109
Auditorium Auditorium 4223 N/A
Darville, James SRO 2115
Deel, Vickie Office Clerk 2120
Fax Number for Front Office Secretary's Office 638-0766 N/A
Fax Number for Guidance Guidance Office 638-0773 N/A
Felker, Stephanie Assistant Principal/Dean 2117
Fink, Rick Head Custodian 2404
Forster, Debbie Cafeteria Manager  2403
George, Kristin Dean's Clerk 2117
Good, Diana Clinic/Nurse 2102
Guidance Conference Room Guidance 2311 N/A
Hall, Melissa Assistant Principal/Curriculum 0
Hardee, Chris Technology/Network 2124
Helmig, Dana Attendance Clerk 2118
Hicks, Ashley Guidance Clerk 2302
JROTC - Colonel Sanders Office and Classroom 4225
JROTC - Master Sergeant Sanders Office and Classroom 4225
Kirk, Cindy Gudiance Counselor 2302
LeChien, Kim Guidance Counselor 2302
Lindo, Elaine Data Clerk 2302
Mijuskovic, Sylvia Principal 0
Nagy, Nikki Media Assistant  2121
Neal, Tina Secretary  2111
Owens, Jacob Coach Owens's office 4219
Physical Education Office  Men's Office 2256 N/A
Physical Education Office  Women's Office 2257 N/A
Shear, Kayli Gudiance Counselor 2302
Solis, Eusebio Athletic Director/Dean's Office 2114
Space Coast Direct Number Main Office 638-0750 N/A
Stewart, Nicholas Assistant Principal/Dean 2117
Varsity Locker Room Varsity Locker Room 4219 N/A
Waller, Michael Assistant Principal/Facilities 0
Williams, Amy Guidance Counselor 2302
Weeks, Keri Front Office Clerk 0
Weight Room Weight Room 4224 N/A
Zeiler, Mark Media Specialist 2121
Zinger, Melinda Guidance Services Professional 2265