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* Please Inform Us If You've Been Awarded Any Scholarships!!! * 

Anyone who has received any type of scholarship (athletic/academic/community) to the college they are attending we need to know by April 17th.  We need them to bring in the letter to Mrs. George in the dean’s office with all the information so that they will be recognized at awards night.




  • Everyone who has asked for extra graduation tickets has gotten the number they requested.
  • Tickets must be paid for by Wednesday, April 5.  Cash is preferred. 
  • You may pay Ms. Deel in the front office or Ms. George in the Deans office before school, during lunch or after school beginning Monday, March 20.
  • If you have any question see Ms. Deel.



Upcoming Senior Class Meetings


April 7th:  9:30 in the Cafeteria


May 5th:  9:00 in the Cafeteria


May 18th:  Senior Breakfast 9:00 in the Cafeteria (Tentative time, but they will be done with your classes by then)



Brand New: Titan Advantage Scholarship! 

  • Full ride for Bright Future Florida Academic Scholar recipients 
  • Our new Titan Advantage Scholarship supplements Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) Scholarships so that both scholarships in combination cover full-tuition
  • The Bright Futures scholarship covers 60% of tuition costs for fall and spring; the Titan Advantage Scholarship covers the remaining 40% of tuition costs and 100% of mandatory course fees.
  • This scholarship is only available to Florida Academic Scholars and does not require a separate application.  
  • Visit to apply.