St Clare St Paul Elementary School

St. Clare / St. Paul Elementary School
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Student Prayer

Eternal Father, through the gifts of Your Holy Spirit, enlighten and perfect my intellect, will, and actions that in all things I may be what Your Divine Wisdom intended me to be, a bearer of Christ to all. 

Illuminate my mind with faith;

strengthen my will with hope;

and inflame my heart with Your Divine Love.

Create in me Christlike ideals, attitudes, and habits that will enable me to think, judge, and act in imitation of Your Immaculate Mother, Mary, Bearer of Christ to all.

Most Holy Trinity, help me to understand that I cannot live without the life of grace that comes from frequently receiving the sacrements of Penance and Holy Eucharist, through my daily prayers and daily sacrifices.

Only through Your grace will I put on the image of Christ so that through Him, with Him, and in Him, I shall always advance the Peace of Christ to all my brothers and sisters.