Early Childhood PreK 3 and 4

Early Childhood Pre-K 3 and 4

Welcome to St. Mary of the Annunciation Preschool! The main goal of our preschool is to provide an enjoyable and exciting learning environment for children. During the course of the year, you will see your child grow physically as well as spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically. Through all our activities, we strive to enhance each child's self-confidence and self-esteem.


Daily Schedule

7:15     Early Drop-off

8:00     Arrival time begins

11:45   First Dismissal/Extended-Day Program begins

11:45   Lunch Bunch

12:45   Rest

1:30     Continuation of Extended-Day Program

2:45     Extended-Day Program Dismissal

3:00     After School Program begins

5:45     Final Dismissal


All Extended-Day Programs are billed monthly and calculated at an hourly rate.


Three Year Old Program

Each day at the St. Mary of the Annunciation Preschool three year old program, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy activities that will encourage independence and social skills in a nurturing, creative environment. Our day includes free choice, circle time, and projects that tie in directly with our theme of the day.

 Sample Themes of the Day

  • apples
  • family
  • cooking
  • dinosaurs
  • growing
  • fall sights and smells
  • sharing and kindness
  • animals that come from eggs
  • jungle animals
  • under the sea

We will also have special days such as show and tell, pajama day, teddy bear day, beach day, and of course holiday celebrations!

Typical Daily Schedule

  • Free choice—During this time your child will be able to explore the classroom, investigate at our science center, work on their math skills, paint at the easel, play “let’s pretend” in the dramatic play area, read in the book area, or work at our writing center.
  • Cleanup time
  • Circle time—This includes doing our daily “jobs,” such as the flag, calendar, and weather. We also work on counting, graphing, and finger plays. We finish up with a story and discussion time.
  • Bathroom break
  • Song and snack time
  • Quiet book time (while waiting for everyone to finish snack)
  • Outdoors play (weather permitting)
  • Music and movement (in the school gymnasium)
  • Dismissal


Four Year Old Program


Children participate in a variety of math activities. Children learn to count and sort by shape, color, size, texture, etc. They also learn basic addition and subtraction skills on a preschool level. Daily calendar, counting, and counting beads are also a part of our math curriculum. Many of our activities include number and shape recognition, measuring, graphing, probability, sequencing, and patterns.

Early Reading Skills

Children participate in activities that promote the following skills:

  • identify letters
  • expand vocabulary
  • produce letter sounds
  • answer story time questions
  • create age-appropriate word list
  • differentiate between letter sounds


At St. Mary’s, religion is woven into every aspect of our daily routine. Children learn about God and all of His wonderful creations through a variety of activities, which teach the following concepts:

  • prayer           
  • grace
  • kindness
  • friendship
  • positive self-image
  • sharing
  • thankfulness
  • helpfulness
  • manners

Social Studies

Various holidays are explored during the course of the school year. We also learn about famous figures in history such as Johnny Appleseed, the Pilgrims, the U.S. Presidents, St. Nicholas, and Martin Luther King, Jr.


Children participate in a wide variety of science projects including but not limited to the following:

  • color mixing
  • planting/growing
  • examining
  • charting growth
  • nature walks
  • leaf hunts
  • leaf rubbings
  • weather           
  • seasons
  • volcanoes
  • animal habitats
  • ocean life
  • cooking


Children have weekly lessons with our school’s music teacher, in addition to learning songs, poems, and finger plays throughout the year with their classroom teachers.

Fine Motor Skills

Children participate in a wide variety of fine motor skill activities:

  • bead work           
  • lacing           
  • puzzles           
  • cutting
  • pasting
  • painting
  • proper pencil grip           
  • proper letter formation
  • manipulating small pieces

Gross Motor Skills/Gym

Children participate in a wide variety of large motor skill activities:

  • hula hoop play
  • bean bag play
  • parachute play
  • hopping/hopscotch
  • jumping/jump rope
  • tossing/catching
  • running
  • balance
  • skipping
  • jumping jacks
  • toe touches
  • knee bends
  • T-ball

Special Days

Preschool always finds a reason to party! Here are some of our special days:

  • holiday parties
  • Polar Express Day
  • Patriot’s Day
  • open house
  • pizza party
  • Fire Safety Week
  • Healthy Habits Week
  • St. Jude Trike-a-Thon
  • Teddy Bear Day
  • Red Sox Day
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Parent Appreciation Day
  • Student Appreciation Day
  • All About Me Day
  • Ice Cream Day
  • One Hundred Days of School
  • Closing Day

Parent Opportunities

Parents are always welcome to visit our preschool classroom. If you would like to read to the children (be a Royal Reader) or do a special craft, we’d love to have you join us! Please note: For the safety of all our children, all adults must complete a CORI background check and the Virtus training program in order to volunteer at the school. 

Progress Reports

Preschool progress reports are sent home via backpacks in January and mailed home in June.