Physical Education

Physical Education
Early Childhood through Middle School Academy

Physical Education


The objectives of the physical education program are the following:

  • To help students enjoy and seek out physical activity.
  • To help students develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so that they will feel comfortable participating during present and future physical pursuits.
  • To have students develop the capability to get along with others in movement environments. This includes cooperative behavior and good sportsmanship.

The objectives of the physical education program help in educating the “whole child." Activities are chosen in which all students, regardless of ability, will experience success and hopefully enjoy. Recent studies have confirmed that students who are physically fit and lead active lifestyles not only do better in school, but they also feel good about themselves. The physical education program complements classroom learning.

The program is designed so that students of all abilities will experience success. Students are selected to work together in various ways. While all classes are coed, students are grouped together in different ways depending on the skill or activity the class is working on. Classes that involve general skills and teamwork are divided by mixing students by skill levels and gender.

Other classes are divided by grouping all boys together and all girls together, so that students participate against others of the same gender. Still other classes have students separated according to ability ,so that all students take an active role in the class and can feel good about their accomplishments. The aim is to have all students taking an active part in the class and have it be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.