Early Childhood through Middle School Academy


SMA’s commitment to our students, faculty, and staff is to ensure that they will have access to the technology they need to be successful. Our aim is to provide students with a strong foundation for future academic pursuits.

  • We have two fully equipped computer labs. One is used primarily for technology instruction and the other is for interdisciplinary use in all curricula.
  • All classrooms are equipped with Internet access, SMARTBoard technology and access to Ipads. 


SMA is dedicated to integrating technology tools into curriculum. Our faculty integrates technology into their respective curriculum via the Internet and subject-specific software.  


In addition to the integration of technology tools into the various subject learning, students have technology classes with a Technology instructor. The following is an overview of the classes:


Primary Learning Community

Grades 1–2

In these grades, Library and Technology classes are combined. The librarian and technology specialist work with students on thematic units, which integrate library skills with technology. Students have instruction incorporating SMARTBoards and instruction in the computer lab.


Elementary Learning Community

Grades 3–5

From third through fifth grade, the importance of proper keyboarding technique is stressed. This provides students with the confidence to approach assignments independently with keyboarding skills. It also provides a basis for electronic note-taking at the secondary school and collegiate levels. Third and fourth-grade students utilize typing tutorial software, while in fifth grade students begin to use and become comfortable with the capabilities of Microsoft Word for keyboarding drills and assignments.


Middle School Academy

Grades 6–8

In sixth through eighth grade, the focus is on Internet research, advanced formatting skills in the 
Microsoft Office Suite of applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.


By the time students graduate from St. Mary’s, our expectation is that they will possess a high level of skill in keyboarding, in the use of word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet software. Students will also develop efficient and effective Internet research skills.