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St. James the Apostle School
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St. James the Apostle School is one of the Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese of New York.  Our students are challenged in established academic programs as well as traditional Catholic theology and sacramental preparation.   We are preparing for our students' future by providing a solid foundation rich in strong moral and ethical values.  St. James is utilizing the latest technologies to teach our students how to achieve and excel in their lives.  We emphasize leadership as well as teamwork and great community spirit.

Mission Statement


St. James the Apostle School is a Catholic community of learning united in our common belief of Jesus Christ.  As an educational community, we foster the development of the whole person.  By providing our students the experience of learning, living and loving in this educational environment, and by using a variety of creative approaches to meet their needs, we enable them to lead meaningful, productive and enriching lives in today's world.  Our educational goals are based upon respect for the unique dignity of each person.  Our mission is to integrate the teachings of Jesus on salvation, community and service into our student lives.  Each child is to be treated with respect in order to nurture a positive self-image.  Our school, motivated by Catholic ideals works with its students toward a more just society.


Why Should You Choose St. James the Apostle School

for your Child's Education?


Educational Goals

Our purpose is to integrate our Catholic beliefs into the spiritual, educational, physical and social development of the students.  We are very proud of our school family.  Recognizing that ours is a partnership with parents, we ensure an environment where each individual has worth and deserves respect and dignity.  Excellence in our school is the result of the commitment of time, effort and funds which is shared by teachers, parents and the parish.  St. James the Apostle School challenges students to develop academic excellence and inspires spirituality based on Gospel values which give their lives passion and purpose.  Clergy, administrators, teachers and parents are committed to the growth of the school and its active role in the community.  All students are taught in a faith-based environment that instills self-discipline, respect for themselves and others, as well as responsibility.  A Catholic community composed of teachers, administrators and alumni makes a lasting impact on the lives of students.  St. James the Apostle School follows New York State Curriculum Guidelines and New York Archdiocesan Essential Learnings.  We teach religion as an academic subject, and offer opportunities for prayer, liturgical participation and community service.


Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program offers the option of a full day or half day program for three and four year olds in a nurturing, spiritual and education environment.  The program consists of academic skill in preparation for Kindergarten, as well as religion, arts and crafts, circle time, story time and play time.  We also offer an after school program for our full day Pre-K Program.


Full Day Kindergarten

Our full day Kindergarten is a complete academic program.  The Kindergarten program also includes weekly classes in physical education, art, music and library.



 Our Superior Program Includes:

Certified Teachers with Masters Degrees

The 4 "R's - Reading, Writing Arithmetic and Religion

Administration of NYS ELA and Math Exams

Math Honors - Grade 7 and 8

High School Preparation

"Real Time" Progress Reports with Daily Homework Posted

Full-time RN

Full Day Kindergarten

Full and Half Day Pre-K

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Physical Education

Foreign Language – Spanish




Smart Boards

DARE Program

Before and After School Program

Hot Lunch Program

Comprehensive Pastoral Involvement and Support

Daily Roman Catholic Teachings and Values

Mass Attendance every Friday

May Crowning of Mary, Our Blessed Mother/Rosary Day, Liturgy of the Light

Extra-Curricular Activities

Brownies, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Band, Little Flowers, Theatre



Contact Us



Mrs. Valerie Crocco



12 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, New York  10512


Office (845) 225-9365

Fax (845) 228-2859