Parent Council Info and Events

Parent Council Info and Events
Picture representing Parent Council Info and Events

These are the Parent Council Core Values which support Saint Jerome School's mission:

Fundraising: We provide funding to ensure the academic, faith and community building needs of the students of Saint Jerome School are sustained.

Community Building: We are an open and diverse group of parents, grandparents and guardians. We seek to engage all families to participate in the activities we sponsor.

Volunteering: We demonstrate that helping the school community is part of being Christian and a good citizen. It reflects our commitment to the school’s philosophy of service as well as the success of the school.

Teamwork: We work with other parents, teachers and the community to achieve a common goal. We demonstrate that when many people work together we can reach a greater result than if we had done it on our own.

Commitment: Through our dedication to community events and fundraising we show that we are not only invested in the success of our individual children but also in the greater success and longevity of the school.