Lesson 09, K: Same and Different

Second Step Kindergarten Follow Through

Lesson 9 Same and Different                                                                       

Lesson Concepts


Lesson Concepts

• People can have different feelings about the same


• It is okay for people to have different feelings

about the same thing

Key Words


Same, different, empathy


Why This Lesson Matters


In early childhood, students begin to recognize that

people can feel and think different things about the

same situation. This skill is an important part of

social perspective-taking. Without this understanding,

students would not consider the existence of any

perspective other than their own.



Follow Through Activities

Vocabulary words

Empathy-Understanding how someone else feels.


Have students REFLECT on when they noticed someone had the same feeling as they did.  Have students REFLECT on when they noticed someone had a different feeling than they did.  Ask how they could tell.


Have students ANTICIPATE when others might have different feelings from theirs.

Notice students who recognize when others have

same and different feelings, and reinforce their

ability to do so. Help them by narrating the situation and describing the differences: You both chose to work in the writing center. You chose the same place. Jane is painting a picture. She chose to do something different.

• Model acknowledging same and different feelings.

• Remind students that it is okay for others to

have different feelings from theirs about the

same situation.