Welcome to Istation

Welcome to Istation


Suntree Elementary School has been fortunate to be able to participate in the UCF Istation project.  Through a grant, Istation was provided to us at no charge for the 2015-16 school year.  Now, Istation has been adopted by Brevard Public Schools as our "Universal Screener" for grades 1 & 2 to meet State standards for progress monitoring.  This computer-based reading intervention program uses adaptive assessment and differentiated instruction to support each student's reading needs.  Teachers have real-time access to reports as well as a large bank of teacher-directed lessons.


Reading assessments will take place monthly in Suntree's computer labs.  Students will use computers, at school or at home, to receive dynamically based curriculum activities based on the results of the ongoing assessments.  The Istation Reading lessons are presented as engaging stories populated with interesting, inspirational characters.


Students will be provided with their credentials by their classroom teacher.  Students will use their respective username and password to access the Istation website from any internet-connected device.  Next, install Istation on your home computer by following the quick and easy process: http://www.istation.com/IstationHome

Follow the simple installation instructions.


Upon logon to the installed Istation application, students will be directed to the curriculum content that best fits their needs.


Istation website:  http://www.istation.com

Istation Logon (teachers):  https://secure.istation.com/Account/LogOn