Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources
Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents

These sites have been reviewed by Suntree Elementary School personnel and were deemed valuable and safe at the time of review. Some of these sites require usernames and passwords. This information may be acquired by contacting your teacher.

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Please refer to our "Online Textbooks" section on our school website:

  • Academics --> Online Textbooks



    Search Tools

    ImageUse these tools to safely search for information, images, etc.



    Cyber-Bullying Information


    Teacher Resources

    General Teacher Resources (only available from school/district Windows computers)

    ImageSuccess Measures - from the Florida Department of Education


      Thinking Maps

      Available for Home use



      For Teacher Use - subscription provided by the Media Center


      Skill Development Websites

      ImageFCAT Explorer

      Click here for Browser Check

      For assistance, call: 1-888-750-3228 or contact

      ImageThe Happy Scientist

      For assistance: email or call (904)347-7205

      Suntree Teacher Information (only available from school/district Windows computers)

      ImageTimez Attack

      Fun game for multiplication skill development. Free download.

      ImageVocabulary Learning Games

      The fun way to build vocabulary skills!


        Typing Tutors

        The following links provide independent assistance, instruction, and practice for learning to type on a computer keyboard. These sites are not hosted by Brevard Public Schools and may contain advertising or other superfluous information. We do not endorse any of these products, but merely offer these as a starting point in your endeavor to improve your keyboarding skills. A quick internet search will extend your options for finding the best typing tutor for your needs and/or learning style.

        ImagePowerTyping - this online free typing tutor - the educational web site for kids, students and adults alike!

        ImageTypingWeb - free online typing tutor

        ImageSense-Lang - online free touch typing program | keyboarding tutor | Free Typing Games

        ImageMrKent's Typing Tutor - Typing Tutor for Beginning Typists

        ImageTyping Tutor

        ImageLearn 2 Type for kids - learn to type online FREE typing exercises and typing instruction FREE Typing Tutor

        ImageKeyboard Game

        ImageDance Mat Typing

        ImageRapid Typing Zone

        ImageKeyboarding Games

        ImageTyping Adventure

        ImageMagic Library

        ImageABCya (Kindergarten) - scroll down to the "More" section

        ImageABCya (1st Grade) - scroll down to the "More" section

        ImageABCya (2nd Grade) - scroll down to the "More" section

        ImageABCya (3rd Grade) - scroll down to the "More" section

        ImageABCya (4th Grade) - scroll down to the "More" section

        ImageABCya (5th Grade) - scroll down to the "More" section


          Other Educational Sites on the Suntree Media Center's Sitehoover

          ImageSuntree Media Sitehoover


          Internet Safety

          The following links provide resources that are intended to enhance your awareness and offer some assistance to internet browsing experience. These links intend to protect you and your computer from unscrupulous entities who wish to:

          • harm your computer with malware such as virus, spyware, adware, trojans, etc.
          • lore you into unsafe practices by using social engineering techniques to get you to click on things you should not
          • steal personal information that can ultimately bring harm to you and your family

          ImageBrevard Public Schools Information Security Page