Technology Overview

Technology Overview
"Enhancing Education through Technology with Excellence as the Standard" - Brevard Public Schools Educational Technology Motto

"Enhancing Education through Technology with Excellence as the Standard" - Brevard Public Schools Educational Technology Motto

Academic success has long been the mainstay of Suntree Elementary School. This has historically been achieved via traditional methods and practices. While it had been a supplemental resource, Technology has now become more integrated into our curriculum. Suntree embraces the 21st Century Classroom initiative which infuses technology rich resources into every aspect of instruction. When it opened in 1992, Suntree's main computer platform had been Apple Macintosh. In 2007, Suntree made the committment to migrate to a Windows based environment to conform more closely with district standards. Currrently, we have at least four networked Windows computers in each classroom. We also have three Windows computer labs.

Funded by the district "Seven-Year Plan" in 2006-07, Suntree underwent an extensive infrastructure upgrade of its data, telephone, and ITV wiring systems. Along with new fiber optic and cat 6 data wiring, communication closets were furnished with manageable 1GB Cisco switches for a powerfully fast information backbone. Our digital telephone system has been upgraded with voicemail and has added four emergency phones that engage when power is interrupted or if the main system crashes. The ITV has been completely replaced with new coax cable, splitters, amplifiers, grounding, and protection circuitry. Even some supplemental electricity was added in critical areas to ensure optimal functionality of technology resources. Additionally, district efforts have substantially increased our bandwidth for our intranet and internet. We now have a quality, reliable technology infrastructure.

21st Century Classrooms
Suntree is fortunate to now have every classroom outfitted with the basic 21st Century Classroom resources. As we understand that technology exists within every aspect of our lives, we must provide modeling for using these resources. We must also provide the opportunity for students to use technology in the variety of learning experiences they face each day. Every one of our classrooms has the following technology resources in place:

  • Modern "Teacher" computer workstation - Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Ceiling mounted digital projector (Mitsubishi XD205R DLP Projector) or (Epson S3 DLP Projector) or (Epson 83+ DLP Projector)
  • 70" wall-mounted projector screen (Draper 70" X 70" Square 1:1 Star Matte White Projection Screen)
  • Visual Presenter / Doc Cam (Promax DP580 Digital Document Camera)
  • DVD/VCR Combo (Sony SLV-D370P DVD/VCR Combo)
  • Infrared Classroom Amplification System (LightSpeed 850U-LD Wireless Infrared Audio System) - Audio Receiver-Amplifier (LightSPEED 850iR Classroom Amplifier) - Wireless Microphone (LightSPEED LightMic) - 4-Speaker System (LightSPEED DRQ Ceiling Speakers)
  • Wireless Interactive Devices (Qomo QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet)
  • eBeam Interactive Whiteboard System
  • Apple iPad 16GB WiFi


As of the 2010-11 school year, each classroom has at least three networked Windows 7 Enterprise computers for students. In addition, all classrooms include a Windows 7 Enterprise PC to be used as a teacher workstation. All classrooms can dynamically increase their student computer options by using the wireless netbooks that are assigned to each pod area. These netbooks may be used in an adjoining classroom which needs them for the day. These pod-based netbooks are shared among each of the attached classrooms.

Computer Labs
Windows 7 Lab #1- Includes 31 networked Lenovo Windows 7 Enterprise computers, a networked HP laser printer, a flatbed scanner, and the complete 21st Century Classroom setup.
Windows 7 Lab #2 - Includes 25 networked HP Compaq Windows 7 Enterprise computers, a networked Lexmark laser printer, a flatbed scanner, and the complete 21st Century Classroom setup.

Windows 7 Lab #3 - Includes 25 networked Lenovo Windows 7 Enterprise notebook computers.  This lab was funded by the district to increase our Computer Based Testing capabilities.
Wireless Lenovo Netbooks - Includes 26 Lenovo X100e netbooks that are distributed throughout the campus. These devices offer flexible computing capabilities, including on-demand computer lab creation.

Computer Files From Home
If you wish to be able to open computer documents on Suntree's computers, they should be saved in a format that our computers and applications can understand. All of our classroom computers have Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher). We can open those files regardless of whether they were created on a PC (Windows) computer or a Macintosh computer.
If you have a home computer with Works, Word Perfect or some other word processor, when you save the file, be sure to tell it to save in "Word" format. If that option is not available, try RTF (rich text format) or just plain "text". We will definitely be able to open it, although it may lose some of its formatting (bold, italic, centering, etc.). At least we will get the important information. Once open, we can make adjustments if necessary.
Of course, we can always open PDF files (Adobe Acrobat). We can open, view, and print the PDF files, but we cannot make any changes to them.
Before sending any files in on flash drive, floppy disk or CD, be sure to run a virus protection program on your computer (and flash drive). While we have protection on all of our computers, it is good practice to be proactive in defeating the spread of computer viruses and malware.